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Keith Curry, Ph.D.

CEO/President, Compton College


Dr. Keith Curry has adopted a slogan, "Every student is a success story". He believes every community college student can be successful with the right academic and student support services. Dr. Curry has taken a strong stance in the ability of community colleges to provide quality education to students and to provide an environment of educational excellence. Dr. Curry also has a passion for teaching those students who aspire to careers as higher education administrators.


Dr. Curry is the President/CEO of the Compton College and Compton Community College District. Compton College is the 114th California Community College and achieve initial accreditation status on June 7, 2017. Dr. Curry is responsible for overseeing all departments and functions of Compton College and Compton District and serves as secretary to the Board of Trustees. Dr. Curry brings an abundance of energy and innovative ideas to Compton College, along with a wealth of experience as a postsecondary education administrator.


Dr. Curry is an active member of the Foundation for Compton Community College District, the Association of California Community College Administrators, the California Community College Athletic Association, the Statewide Association of Community Colleges (SWACC), and the President’s Roundtable.


Dr. Curry earned his Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz and his doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of California at Irvine. Dr. Curry is an adjunct faculty member at California State University Fullerton College of Education.


Dr. Curry has also presented at numerous conferences, workshops, and symposia. His areas of expertise include preparing students for higher education; bridging the digital divide; establishing partnerships among postsecondary institutions, and ensuring access for all students.